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Visas to work

There is a range of visas that allow you to work in New Zealand

Finding out which visa is suitable for you, and completing your application, can be a complex process. To help, Immigration New Zealand has developed a great tool that lets you know the visas that are available to you depending on your age, employment and country of residency. 

Find out what visas you are eligible for here: 

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Are your skills in demand?

If your applying for a job that matches Southland's skill shortage list, and you've got the qualifications and experience to match, getting a work or residence visa may be easier.

The Regional Skill Shortage List (RSSL) includes occupations where skilled workers are required in particular regions of New Zealand and indicates that there are no New Zealand citizens or residents available to take up the position.

If you are offered a job on the RSSL and meet the list requirements you may be granted an Essential Skills work visa. This means that you are permitted to work in New Zealand temporarily. You won’t necessarily be able to apply for residence

You can learn more about Southland's Skill Shortage here 

Along with the Regional Skill Shortage List (RSSL), there is also the Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL) which identifies occupations where there is a sustained and on-going shortage of highly skilled workers both globally and throughout New Zealand.

Before you apply

Considering a move to another country is a big decision, use the below to help you with your application process.  

Have the right paper work

Make sure you check the requirements of the visa category you are applying under before you send in your application. The application process will take longer if the required information is not provided.

Check what information you will need to support your application here

Get the right advice 

You can submit an application for a visa yourself or if you feel a bit unsure of the process and want a bit of extra help, you can use a licensed immigration advisor. Be aware that there may be costs involved.

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Use an online tool 

Successful visa applications happen more often with good planning, use Immigraton New Zealand's tool to help 

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