Work in Southland


Southport, Bluff Harbour

Southland has a strong economy with an abundance of natural resources and is based on primary production and process industries such as dairying, meat processing and the world class Tiwai Aluminium Smelter.


Agriculture continues to be the backbone of the New Zealand economy, and the driving force of the Southland economy.


The largest non-agricultural manufacturing business in Southland is the aluminium smelter near Bluff.

Food and Processing

Production, processing and export of quality food is a significant component of the Southland economy.


The energy resources in Southland are nationally significant. There has been renewed interest in oil and gas exploration, both on-shore and off the Southland coast.

Science and Research

The region's location and low electromagnetic noise levels make it well suited for radio astronomy, ionosphere research and tracking of spacecraft.


Southland is a natural paradise, offering visitors a unique experience from breathtaking Milford Sound, Stewart Island, to the wildlife rich coastline of The Catlins.


Southland has a well-established forestry industry and supports a range of commercial forest species.


Southland has a long established fishing industry and is particularly well known for the Bluff oyster.